Laurence Sunderland has extensive experience with all types of boating.  From cruising to racing to managing record-setting sailing campaigns, Laurence has the experience and knowledge to consult with you on your projects.

Yacht Purchase Consultations

Let Laurence help guide you into the just the right boat for your personal needs.  From family needs to business needs, let Laurence help you find the perfect boat for you.

Cruising Consultations

The Sunderland family experienced a life-changing experience on their 3-year family cruise to the local Channel Islands and as far south as mainland Mexico.  Many people dream of traveling off shore in their boats – also known as cruising.  Let Laurence help you plan for your yacht and equipment needs for a more pleasurable and trouble-free experience.

Project Management

Laurence was responsible for managing the world sailing campaigns of his two oldest children, Zac and Abby Sunderland.  Whether it is a film production, a long term sailing trip or a holiday party, let Laurence manage all aspects of your project.